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Surgery Facilities

Introducing our new Kodak CR digital x-ray facility!

This new and modern x-ray facility enables our vets to get an excellent x-ray image within 2-3 minutes.

The x-rays themselves are more detailed, which is particularly important for diagnostics of the chest and abdomen. The computer can enlarge specific areas to look at body tissues such as intestines, the liver and the spine. The x-rays are also useful in the diagnosis of bone fractures, joint disease and stomach problems.

Abbeyfields are also able to perform x-rays of dogs in accordance with the hip scoring schemes run by the BVA and The Kennel Club. For more information on this call us on 01889 590449.The digital x-ray process is a lot more environmentally friendly, as well as being safer for both the surgery staff and your pets, because it doesn’t contain any chemical developers which can be potentially toxic if not handled correctly.

Comfortable Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is cosy and fits a rural Practice. We wish it was larger, but its great to be in such an old and quaint building ! We try to space Consultation times through the day to avoid too much congestion.

Good Size Consultation Rooms with essential Treat Jar!

Our pets are generally happy to take a treat when they have been seen and behaved nicely.

Car Park

We have ample car parking facilities behind the Practice. Clients can park in safety and Visitors or pets with special mobility needs can arrive right to the door.

Fully Equipped Surgical Theatre with Sevofane Anaesthesia

We pride ourselves in using advanced, safe anaesthetics , including sevofluorane and propofol which are also used in paediatric human medicine.


Our ultrasound machine is used by our Vets on examination for many reasons.

The facility allows the Vet to look inside the patient in a non-invasive way, and can pick up problems that may otherwise not be picked up by x-ray, including heart valve disease. The ultrasound is also used for pregnancy screening. We supply print out pictures of results. We can also save mini video clips of scans which our Clients like- great for pregnancy scans! a

ECG Machine and Pulse Oximeter

For use in routine operations to closely monitor the heart and blood oxygen levels in our patients. We can measure blood pressure too!

It always amazes clients that we can get blood results so quickly! This is because we have a blood machine in the Practice which will perform routine blood tests of haematology and biochemistry. These are very useful to help diagnose conditions or perform routine health screening.

We can also run more specialist tests such as hormone tests, coagulation profiles and liver function tests.


Here at Abbeyfields we are also trained in endoscopy. The use of a long camera called an endoscope allows us to look inside the body where previously we would have had to perform open abdominal surgery. Endoscopy is much less invasive and so means a much quicker recovery from certain ailments. We can also take biopsies using the endoscope and deal with ununsual cases like oesophageal strictures in pets.

We also use endoscopes in our reproductive service for AI of bitches.

Glaucoma Reader

When dealing with eye problems it is essential to be able to detect glaucoma early. This device enables us to accurately measure the pressure of the eye and thus get a quick diagnosis, with the least distress to the patient.


For all our in-house laboratory work. Having a microscope in the Practice helps us determine types of mite infection, tumour cells and aids with the diagnosis of urine crystals and checking blood profiles in pets.

Ophthalmology Examination

Ophthalmic cases are always investigated thoroughly. Here the Vet is using direct and indirect ophthalmoscopy to study the patient’s eye.

Schirmer tear testing allows us to check tear flow – filter paper strips measure the amount of tears that flow in a fixed amount of time.

Local anaesthetic and fluoresceine dyes allow us to check for ulcers in cases of very painful eyes.

Blood Pressure Measurement

We measure Blood Pressure both in clinical cases in our pets, and also whilst under anaesthesia to maximize our patients safety. It is particularly useful when we screen cats for kidney disease and thyroid problems. Here we are using a Doppler Blood Pressure meter on our feline patient.

We detect the sound of blood flowing in a paw artery with the probe, and then use the cuff and meter to find the pressure when the sound goes. This we can record. Our Patient “Smudge” was most obliging in these pictures.

Nail Clipping

A nail clip is a common reason to visit for many pets. One of our Nurses may hold your pet safely whilst the Vet clips its nails.

A Clean Practice

There is always something to clean in any Veterinary Surgery. Some of our staff at Abbeyfields in Rocester leave no corner unturned when we have so many visitors.