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Out of Hours Emergency Service

Telephone 01782 417882

Here at Abbeyfields, Rocester, we have joined forces with VetsNow to provide emergency care when the Clinic is closed.

Simply call 01782 417882 and our Colleagues at VetsNow will be able to assist with free advice or arrange an immediate appointment to see your pet.

When you call VetsNow, their specially trained team will assess your pet’s needs and offer direction to the Clinic nearest to you. Near our Practice their are Clinics in Stoke and Derby. (But as a member of our Practice, you are also entitled to visit a VetsNow Clinic whereever you are in the country, for example if you are on holiday and need a Vet).

VetsNow is open from 6pm in the evening until 8.30am the following day. It is also open all weekend after 12 noon on saturday, including Bank Holidays.

When you visit VetsNow, they do the emergency stuff , the staff work through the night and your pet comes back to our Practice for further work and treatment during daylight hours if needed.

We have also made provision that any pet with us for treatment during the day that needs to stay in overnight, will stay with ourselves. So VetsNow is going to help with those unforseen emergencies that no one is expecting.

Putting our trust in VetsNow to help with Out of Hours care, is part of our aim to provide the best possible specialist Out of Hours Care, and also be at our clinical best during the day TIme.

Want to know more??

If you would like to read a letter from Julie explaining our reasons for engaging VetsNow, please click here.

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