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Home Care Videos

Home Care Videos…

Welcome to this part of our site!

Here you will find an increasing library of video clips and “How to do” information for basic pet care you may need to do at home.

So have a look around and see what you can learn!

The Visiocare Company help us in two ways – they not only provide us with a stream of useful topics and a newsfeed whilst you wait in our Reception area, but also great information to share with you about all kind of vet topics you may need to discuss during your Consultation.

Through Visiocare we can now send you a link by email with the information you need about your pet’s condition. You can then review this information for 10 days at home. We will increasingly be sharing this great information hub to deliver better and more informative care to your pets.

And we hope it is a great way to explain your pet’s needs. We know that only about 10 % of the information shared during a consultation is taken home by a client when they are upset about a loved person or pet. Sending you the information home helps you recall it all a little better!

This part of our website is just the beginning!……..