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Abbeyfields Pet Care Plan Scheme

Abbeyfields Vets in Rocester, near Uttoxeter and Ashbourne want to tell you about our brilliant Pet Care Discount scheme.

The Abbeyfields Pet Care Plan continues to offer a great value discount scheme for your routine pet care. And this year, 2018, we are pleased to continue to offer great offer products like Bravecto in the scheme.

The plan provides the cheapest possible way to cover your all pet’s vaccines and routine care at discounted prices. And since we value our Clients who choose the plan, it includes the best we can possibly offer for flea, tick and worm treatment, (products which you cannot buy over the counter at Pet stores, or online without prescription).

Join when ever its convenient and start saving on all aspects of your Pet’s Care.

Here at Abbeyfields in Rocester, we listened to what our clients were looking for in terms of cost effective pet care – not just the routine care for healthy pets, but also when they get sick too.

We review the Discount Plan we offer every year to see it fits our Customer and Pets’ needs.

Hence our Pet Care Plan continues to offer real, useable and on going discounts here at Abbeyfields in Rocester. It offers fixed price costs for your dog, cat or rabbit’s care that you would have to spend as a responsible owner, plus thrown in checks, nail clips, urine and blood tests, and within set price.

Read on.. Becoming a valued member of our Scheme entitles pets to:

  •  Their Annual Vaccinations
  • Their kennel cough vaccines.
  • There is also a six month (half year) consultation health check, which you can use for any concerns, or perhaps as a tablet check, or before travel.
  • Anal gland attention, nail clips and ear cleans are included.
  • Plus there’s an added microchip if your pet hasn’t got one, (although we realize many pets are already chipped, there are many other discounts too).
  • Whats more, we understand that constant, regular flea and worm control is an important part of Pet Health. So we supply you with a year’s supply of flea and tick treatment and wormers. These are outstanding value for 2018 to help guard against the epidemic flea infestations we saw last autumn with older non presciption products.

And there’s More!…….. All Pet Care Plan (PCP) pets will automatically receive 10% off everything else in the practice. Our Computer system is modified to note you as a valued member of our Loyalty Discount scheme.

So what ever else you need to buy automatically generates a 10% discounted price – be it consultations when your pet is sick, medications, routine operations, pet food, prescription diets. For insured clients, your policy will cover more cost since the price is 10% cheaper too. And because its built in, no one forgets!

Everyone here believes strongly in the value of the Scheme and how we can help our Clients and their Pets benefit. So we will probably tell you about it when you make contact.

Everyone gets the chance to opt in or out. You can join at any time and if you have a new pet for vaccinations, we are so confident in the value of a this scheme that we will throw in the whole vaccination course.

Also, if you suddenly face a large expense, you can join the scheme when you come to face the bill, and make a saving which is offset against your routine pet care needs for the next 12 months.

What do you do now?

Well look out for a new Video explaining the Scheme …

…and Call the Surgery Now on 01889 590449 and ask us about it.

Alternatively read on for more information within our site.